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① 英语作文手机危害

手机的危害 The Dangers of Cell Phone 16 Today, with the development of high-technology, we can get access to all kinds of high-tech procts, such as computer, digital cameras and so on. These procts make our life more convenient, we can keep in touch with family and friends any time any where. Our life has been changed by the high-tech, we live in a fast-pace world. Cell phone influences our life deeply, everyone owns it. While cell phone brings many dangers. First, cell hone contains radiation which hurts people’s body. Today, more and more people die of cancer, the main reason is that the high-tech procts radiate their bodies, in the long run, the bodies get sick. Cell phone is one of such procts, it hurts our bodies as long we use it. Second, cell phone distracts our attention about discovering the beauty of life. People pay their attention on cell phone, they count on it by reading news and making friends, being less going out. We should use cell phone properly.

② 英语作文 《看小说的利弊》

英文:I love reading novels, especially the tears of love stories, ready to magic the novel, wonderful and vivid to cut through a novel ... But read novels also have disadvantages, the reason is very simple: the bell hit, you only see half the time, the thought and the novel to the fast time together, you how can you bear to let you fondle admiringly ordered the novel? So the school will be distracted or secretly watch. This is a novel of harm; but to read the novel will be good, the reason is very simple: now novel that dare not sparkling discourse, idiom? Now the novels have five big emotions -- acid, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty into one? And now that the novel is not attractive??? Not only can master knowledge, but also expand the imagination! The novel has its advantages and disadvantages, should choose the right way to absorb it, put it into their own use to play its best use.

③ 写一篇关于阅读小说的的好坏的英语作文

Despite the modern desire to be easy and casual, Americans from time to time give thought to the language they use, to grammar, vocabulary,and official languages. And, as on other issues, they divide into two parties. The larger, which includes everybody from the plain people to the professional writer, takes for granted that there is a right way to use words and construct sentences and many wrong ways. The right way is believed to be clearer,simpler, more logical, and hence more likely to prevent error and confusion. Good writing is easier to read; it offers a pleasant combination of sound and sense. Against this majority view is the doctrine of an opposing minority, who make up for their small number by their great learning and their place of authority in the school system and the world of scholarship. They are the professional linguists,who deny that there is such a thing as correctness. The language, they say, is what anybody and everybody speaks.Hence there must be no interference with what they regard as a proct of nature. They denounce all attempts at guiding choice. Within the profession of linguists there are, of course,fighting factions, but, on this conception of language as a natural growth with which it is criminal to interfere, they are at one. In their arguments one finds appeals to feelings of social equality (all words and forms are equally good) and indivialfreedom. These beliefs further suggest that the desire for correctness, the very idea of better or worse in speech, is what is left over from noble and times. To the linguists, change is the only rule to be obeyed. They consider it to be equal with life and accuse their critics of being clock-reverses, enemies of freedom, menaces to"life".

尽管现代社会要求简单、随意,美国人却时不时地对他们用的语言、语法、词汇和官方语言表示关注。而且,像在其他问题上一样,他们·分为两派。多数派,包括从一般百姓到专业作家的所有人,都理所当然地认为有一种正确的遣词造句的方式,也存在很多错误的方式。人们相信正确的方式是使文章比较清楚、简单、更有逻辑性,进而更有可能避免错误和含混不清。好文章容易读;它为读者提供了声音和意义的美妙结合。 与这种占大多数的观点相对的是持反对意见的少数派的主张,他们渊博的学识以及在教育界和学术界的权威地位弥补了人数少的劣势。他们是专业的语言学家,他们否认有正确的写作方式这回事。他们说任何人或者说每个人说的都是语言,所以我们不应该人为地修改他们认为是自然的产物。他们痛斥所有试图选择正确写作指导的做法。 在语言学家内部当然也有相互斗争的派别,但是在“语言是自然发展的,干涉即是犯罪”这一点上,他们的观点是一致的。在他们的论点中,人们可以发现社会公平(所有词语和形式都是一样的好)和个人自由的感情趋向。这些主张还进一步暗示:寻求正确语言表达的愿望,即话语有好坏之分这个观念本身是从有贵族贫民之分的那个时代遗留下来的,对语言学家来说,变化是惟一应该遵循的规则。他们把它看成和生命同等重要,并且谴责那些批评他们的人为想要“反转时钟”的人,是自由的敌人,是对“生活”的威胁。

④ 手机带来的好处及坏处写一篇英语作文

As we know,with the development of society,more and more students are having cellphone.They are given as presents from parents,friends or relatives.In my opinion,the disadvantages are much more obvious than advantages of using cellphone.Here are my reasons.
First,cellphone will distract us from listening to the teachers in class.For example,while we are having class,and the cellphone rings,no doubt,it will distrub all of us,including teachers and students.So it will have an negative effect on our study.
Second,it is clear to us that using cellphone will do harm to our health and brain,according to the scientific survey.From the point of health,let's stop using the cellphone.
Last but not the least,many of us use cellphone to communicate with our friend.But the question is whether they are all good to you.It may easily lead to us have bad friends.

⑤ 有关手机的危害的英语作文100字

It has been widely recognized that mobile phone can do a lot of harm to people's health and many evidence can be named to prove this.
For one thing, Not only can they harm your eyes,making you be short in sight,but also scientists have proved that they can also affect your brian as well. For another,it is a waste of time to usse mobile phone too much,which will makes you addicted. Moreover, mobile phones can also spread some false information to cheat you. last but not least,it can be a waste of energy and money.
So ,only when you face this problom carefully,can you avoid its bad effcets.

⑥ 关于手机对学生的危害的70字英语作文及翻译

With the development of science , mobile telephone becomes more and more popular. the students in school begin to use mobile telephone. In my opinion , it is not good for the students to use mobile telephone .
First , it will cost them more money than before. Second, it will make the students proud. Third, it will sometimes become a nuisance especially when it rings in class or in the library. I think the students’ main purpose in school is to study , they should pay much attention to their study.
mobile telephone has effect on the students. Since If they want to use mobile telephone , they can use it after graation.

⑦ 急求!!英语作文题目是手机的危害(初中水平,80字)

When people use mobile phone, mobile phone to the transmitting base station transmitting radio waves, and a kind of any radio or less absorbed by human body, thereby changing the human tissue, might have on human health effects, these waves are called mobile phone radiation.

However, mobile phone radiation to brain cancer risk increases 1 times, frequent answer leads to cataract, leading to senile dementia and mobile phone on the breast endocrine effects

⑧ 关于手机利弊的英语作文

Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students. In my opinion, we can bring mobile phones to school.
As we know, the 21st century is a modern age and full of information. A mobile phone is one of the quickest tools for us to exchange information. The mobile phone is a fashionable and useful invention, so we ought to make the best use of it. Suppose there’s a sudden accident, it is more convenient for us to dial for help immediately. There’re also some games in the mobile phone. We can relax ourselves by playing them when we’re tired of our studies.
In my opinion, it’s not wrong to follow the fashion, but the most important thing is how to use the mobile phone in a right way.

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